Boy Room DIY Projects

Some Do-It-Yourself Ideas! Cheap and Free… Our favorite way! Wall Art. Click to Enlarge Photos. Also, To View the Designs in Print Form, CLICK HERE For all of these projects, I used extra stuff leftover or around the house. You can fancy it up with Michaels wood plaques or frames, etc. This is just ideas for the cheaper-free end. There’s many ways to make these much better. But, your welcome for the start.




Boys Don’t Take Baths, They Dust Off: Scrap wood from broken chair. Used paper bags to print images/words on. I cut paper bag to 8×11 paper size. Ran through printer. I mixed dark brown paint with water to make a stainish paint. Wiped on wood with old sock to make streaks. I quickly burnt edges of printed paper bag. I Modge Podged onto dry wood. Modge Podged over again, once dry. Nailed pop top to back to create something to hang it with. Done.

My Gentelman Sign: Water/Paint mix, as previous. Printed on paper bag. Modge Podged. Screwed screws to wood to give texture. Used picture frame corners (Cheap wood one from Michaels)… Still have to add decal into those. Used chain to connect.
We used quotes that were either: Inside jokes between us, things I wanted him to know, and a few funny things. Says:
If you Aint 1st you’re last.
Work Hard
Play Harder
Get Dirty
A Firm Handshake
Open Doors for Others
Say Your Thanks
Bee Sting ALWAYS
Grow a Stache
Never Be 2 Old 2 Kiss Your Elders
Or Play in the Rain
Listen to Mom She’s Right
Dream Big but Always Find Your Way Home
When Life Brings You to Your Knees-Pray
Remember: FEAR Never Made Differences
If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful: I modged podged onto it. And I randomly painted blue around it. (I’m still moving this around. Don’t care too much for it against the blue wall.



Storage wall art. Cut out old jeans. I LIGHTLY stained wood with dark brown paint mixed with water. Once dry, fasten pockets onto wood (I placed cardboard in pockets so the glue wouldn’t seep through and seal the pocket shut. Keep moving this to be sure it doesn’t get stuck, itself). I printed on paper bag, the above logo. Wavy cut it. Modge Podged it onto wood. You can burn edges to give cool look. You can also do this with the laser printer idea. Laser print backwards onto address label paper (Address labels removed). Iron straight onto the board. (Reg. printer may work, too).


Skate Board Wall Art. Just drill a hole through. Screw it to wall. Makes for great art!


BiPlane Shelf. Doubles shelf space. Cool airplane looking. I may tweek this. Found cool model at store I will replace center with. Just add shelf under existing shelf. This was actually a coin bank and lego pieces to mock plane. Picture was taken while in construction. Will update this post if I get around to taking another.

Sports Themed Art. You can make them. Or I sell them. Some images you won’t find online! I sell these. Let me know if interested:
I have Football, Baseball, Basketball! 30$. Mssg. Me!
baseballboysroomwallart… AND MORE. To see Mssg. me.




Ladder Shelf. Has rope light wrapped around back to light up. Also, used a first aid box. Painted it. Printed a Money In The Bank Logo. Modge Podged it to it (My son loves wrestling). Hangs above ladder shelf (Ladder match- Wrestling).
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