Fritta-Tastic (Frittata)


9 Eggs
1T Butter
1/2c Alfredo Sauce***
3/4c + 1/4c Mozzarella
1/8c +1/8c Grated Parmesan Cheese (Store shelf kind)
1tsp Parsley
1/4tsp Garlic Powder
1/4tsp Pepper
1tsp Parsley
1/8tsp Sea Salt
Good Shake of Basil
1/2c Ham, diced small***
1/2 small Onion
1/4c Baby Bella Mushrooms
2c Spinach, roughly chopped
1/4c Sun Dried Tomatoes, chopped

In a bowl, beat eggs with seasoning, 3/4c Moz. cheese, and 1/8c Parm. cheese. In pan (Oven safe pan) saute onions, mushrooms, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, with ham. Once cooked a few minutes, turn heat to med. high, pour in egg mixture. Give a few seconds to cook, then LIGHTLY lift/stir bottom so eggs get underneath. Cover and let cook about 3-6minutes til it sets nicely. Sprinkle 1/4c Moz. cheese and 1/8c Parm. cheese over the top. Broil til nicely browned. If not done, throw in oven (I covered mine) about 10minutes on 425. Remove from oven. Allow to sit a second. Enjoy plain, or with a little alfredo on top.

***There are other options like: Use a Tomato Basil Sauce instead of Alfredo, using Sweet Italian Turkey Sausage instead of ham.
Vegis are optional, as well. Like: Roasted Red Peppers, or Southwester Style: Chorizo meat with a lil Mexicorn, jalapenos, salsa in place of sauce, top with sour cream… Etc. Frittata recipes are endless!

***TIP: I’ve heard that a pinch of baking soda in with the eggs, makes it fluffier. Have yet to try!

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