For the kiddos birthdays it’s fun to have a sleepover. It’s always a full house. I have a drop off of 4-6pm. Pickup next day by 10am-noon. There’s on average 10-13 kids. Our parties are the talk of the kiddos!

-I have constant snacks: Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels, Animal Crackers, Cookies. Pop (Caffeine free, duh!). Cake. Ice Cream. Pizza from Little Caesar’s ($5 each). FOOD IS KEY! But, watch it, don’t want lil Jr. getting an upset tummy.
Activities/ Games:
-We hook up 2 gaming sysytems. Wii and the Playstation. 1 on big t.v., other on smaller t.v.
MUSIC! We have a room specific for this. Loudish, I have a handy dandy Light Show to go with the beat of the music (Steal at yardsale-$3). In this room, the lights are always off, or black light bulbs in the fixture. Music is constantly on. They can come and go as they wish.

-When it gets dark… Glow: Sticks, bracelets, and necklaces for all! Bday kid gets Wand.

-We have some games from Games List BELOW, kid favorites.
-We end the night, late, with a movie of BDAY kid’s choice. After all that dancing, they usually don’t last the entire movie!
Face Painting! Luckily I’m not too shnabby at this. Washable tattoos work for the less artistic! I have a premade paper with options of some I can actually draw. (So they don’t say, “I’d like Mount Rushmore!”) They just pick the colors.



For my daughter’s birthday at school, we printed and cut out personalized books for her class. Took two glitter crayons and taped them together using printed address labels with my daughters photo on them. These make any kid’s day extra special, and ALL about them. With activities for everyone, too! Wordfind has the names of kids attending. Jokes were using kids’ names that attended, as well. I’ve done a Princess theme with visa card printouts and fake writable checks that were cut to size, stapled together, and perforated for easy ripping after they fill them out. I did play money with the kid’s faces, that were attending. Train passes for train theme. EVEN did a theme with “REWARD WANTED” pics with a photo of each kid that attended, and a silly reason they are wanted… Like, Booger Picking. Stinky Feet. Crazy Dancing. Etc. Have done play $ with each kid attending’s face. I’d staple and place these activities and funny pages into gift bags. Kids, and adults, had laughs. I also made bathroom signs and Take Your Shoes Off signs with their faces. Will post those photos some day.
Crayola has a picture upload to get personalized coloring pages, print and scan. Photo program using photocopy filter will work, too.
For $ printout: MONEY PRINT OUT

Option GAME LIST (Kid Favorites, Tons of Laughter):
*Game: Sock Toss. Like the musical game. Toss 2 of the birthday kid’s socks around (New ones, don’t tell them that!)… ONCE the music stops, the last 2 people who TOUCHED the sock have to open the socks. One will have a WINNER note. Other will have, “Wear this sock on your head and get a picture” note (Or just hold it up). Winner gets prize. I usually say BOTH people have to take pic with sock at end, but I trick them with one being the winner. But, they now know this.

*Game: Booty Shake. Tape tissue box to belt/rope (We used robe rope). They wear the belt and try to shake all the ping pong balls out of the box. Winner gets a prize.

Pin the Silly Face on the Birthday Kiddo: Divide a photo of them (Large camera photo) into 4 (I used a photo program. They have free ones online). Print each 1/4th on 8×11 paper. Tape together. Print out noses, mustaches, have googly silly eyes, brows, etc. I have some on our site.Click: Printables. Color them. Place a dot on each facial feature and on the faces where each should sit (For winner measuring). Cover each kiddos eyes, spin them the number of years they are (Or, BDay kiddo’s age). They try to pin their facial feature nearest to it’s location. Measure to get closest. Closest is winner!

Game: Oreo challenge. They can’t use their hands/arms and have to STAY on their rumps. They try to get an Oreo from their forehead to their mouth. Winner gets prize.
Game 4: Sack Race. They wear a potato sack and have to jump around a track.

*Game: Pin the… Except, you order a poster from walmart (7-11$) of your kid’s head/neck/shoulders You print up 2 funny looking ears, 1 funny looking nose, mustache, 2 eye brows, ear ring(s), freckles (How ever many kids attending). Then with pencil, slightly outline where each item belongs on the poster. Spin each person around number of years in age. Each person pins their items. Closest to their outline WINS. Looks funny at the end, too.
*Game: Dance off!

*Game: Balloon pop!!! Night before, I place candy, bday gadgets (Mazes, bracelets, etc… Be careful which toys you pick, they will be stomping on these!!! Don’t want an OUCH!), and money into balloons. Blow them up with items inside (Takes a little stretching!). Play the Old School I WANT CANDY song. They pop the balloons and keep the contents. Make sure some have empty wrappers. Toilet paper roll. Pennies… Pranks.

We now do balloon pop when it’s dark and black light/strobe lights. Much more fun.
Game: Balloons filled with prizes. Taped/ pinned to pallet on it’s side. Plastic darts. If you pop it, prize is yours. Careful with younger ones. NOT as fun as balloon pop!
*Stars are the fun favorites.

Great for older kids! Instead of Balloon Pop, we do Balloon Darts. Just take a cardboard box. Use a small nail to poke holes through. Fill each balloon with Treats, blow up, and tie off. Push the balloon knots through the holes. Once cardboard is full of balloons, hang up. Throw darts and get the treats.

beanpong copy
Game: Yes, this is like the Good Ol Beer Pong… But, Completely Kid Friendly!!! Have Solo Cups on each side (3, 2, 1, in triangle shape, as photo shows.) Count the number of players on each team, making 2 teams. GET BEAN BOOZLED Beans!!!! Needs to be Bean Boozled, for the gross effect!!! Place the same amount of beans, as players, into each cup. (Example: If there’s 3 players on each team, each cup gets 3 Beans). Each team takes turns shooting a ping pong ball into the opposing team’s cups. If they make it, EACH teammates, with the ball in their cups, has to take a bean (No cheating, just grab one). Then… They eat it. If you make the Pong Ball into the cup, that team gets to go again, until they miss. Then, the other team has a chance to go. Keep playing til one team empties the other team’s cups.

-CUPS! Some kids may be too young to read their names. Simply use a permanent marker to draw images (Heart, smiley face, flower, etc.). This works pretty great. The youngins know which cup is there’s by the image. No confusions of who’s is which.
cups idea
-Don’t EVER list the games you will be doing. Sometimes, you don’t have time for them all, sometimes you have time to kill for MORE…
-I always buy extra prizes. In case more time for games or if there’s a tie, they each get one, or I have a roll of the dice.
-Tie Breakers roll dice. Highest wins the tie breaker. Let them know this before each game.
-Youngins: They can get wound up and over the line hyper. That’s okay. I have a Picture Find game. They sit down, and have to find the pictures before they come out. Calms them in a fun way. And I have a talk about appropriate behavior before they return to playing.
-Youngins: Try to pick games where everyone wins. Quick games, so attention span isn’t lost. Be energetic!
-Also, put things up! Hide the balls, hammers, glass, etc.
-No CAFFEINE! (Unless it’s before going home!)
-Try to have kids you are familiar with. Makes it easier. Nothing like finding out lil Jr. is mean and doesn’t like to share. And wants to call mommy every 10 minutes to tattle and go home. (Thankfully I haven’t had this at any party! Phhhheeeew!)
-Try to have separate areas. Gaming System (No running), Dance Area, Eating Area. So, no one’s stepping on toes. Have rules talked about ahead of time. Remember, these are kids. Have FUN!

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