tTt’s Breakfast Burrito

tTt’s Scrambled Eggs

Few Shakes of Basil
Few Shakes of Oregano
Black Pepper
Onion, chopped
Some Chopped Green Pepper

Meat of choice: Bacon, Pork/Turkey Sausage (We used Pork Sausage)

Cook meat. Then cook eggs and seasoning.  Add to meat.
Add Eggs/Meat to taco shells, with: Cheese, Miracle Whip/Mayo, Small Spoon of Salsa. Rolls burritos. Brown each side in Butter Flavored Cooking sprayed skillet. Optional to Serve With: Sour Cream, Hot Sauce, More Salsa.
– Or, Add to bread/bun/Bagel/Muffin/Biscuit. Eat.

If you choose so: On softshell top with mixture, top with, A Little: Salsa, Thin spread of Miracle Whip/Mayo, Cheese. Wrap. Butter Flavor Cooking Spray Skillet, Brown. Freeze single layer on plate sprayed with cooking spray (Don’t allow to touch, may stick). Cooking: Rub with wet finger. Microwave or bake til warmed through (I cover). Butter spray pan if baking.

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