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Here are some art projects I made, and am in the process of making. I didn’t put too much work into the garden ones… Still got some paint treatments to test out on them, to add more color. Not sure if you realize, but all but 2 are movie quotes. Our humor.
The others are My Boyz Room Wall Art PrePrints. I have yet to print onto paper for wood. So, it’s just the image I’ve made on the computer and am going to use. The gentleman one is personalized with some inside jokes between us and our son. (Bee Sting, 1st Last, etc.) Making it more meaningful. Funny, too.
To achieve:
Find sayings, or pictures you’d like to print. I use Address Label Printer Paper (And peel ALL stickers off), I print on sticker side.* PRINT OUT Images/Words BACKWARDS using Laser Printer (I read copy machines use this). Use tape to secure top of image to wood. Iron entire image to get nice and warm. Using edge/tip of iron, start scraping (Carefully) the image onto wood. Once cooled, apply protective coat. Also, I read this won’t work too well on painted areas, I have yet to try it. Just untreated wood.

*If you work it well enough, you’ll be able to reuse the address label paper a few times, as the heat removes all the ink, applies it to the wood. And address label paper seems faster than regular paper. Good luck.
—If you would like a watermark free, larger size, name free copy of these… Just shoot an email over.

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