Personalized Kid’s Activity Book


For my daughter’s birthday at school, we printed and cut out personalized books for her class. Took two glitter crayons and taped them together using printed address labels with my daughters photo on them. These make any kid’s day extra special, and ALL about them. With activities for everyone, too! Wordfind has the names of kids attending. Jokes were using kids’ names that attended, as well. I’ve done a Princess theme with visa card printouts and fake writable checks that were cut to size, stapled together, and perforated for easy ripping after they fill them out. I did play money with the kid’s faces, that were attending. Train passes for train theme. EVEN did a theme with “REWARD WANTED” pics with a photo of each kid that attended, and a silly reason they are wanted… Like, Booger Picking. Stinky Feet. Crazy Dancing. Etc. I’d staple and place these activities and funny pages into gift bags. Kids, and adults, had laughs. I also made bathroom signs and Take Your Shoes Off signs with their faces. Will post those photos some day.
Crayola has a picture upload to get personalized coloring pages, print and scan. Photo program using photocopy filter will work, too.

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