Garden Ideas, Etc. (2013 into 2014)


2013 was my, I thought, prime year of gardening. What I’ve learned about gardening is… A gardener’s job is NEVER done, nor figured out. From the first year of knowing nothing. Learning from my mistakes. Research! I’ve come the furthest, last year, in all my years of success. A lot of things we tested out. A lot of things we’ve learned from mistakes. I’m excited for our 2014 garden! Now, if this snow will stop coming and melt.
Check out our Updated 2014 Garden Post:

2013 Garden consisted of:
Weed Paper (On Sale). I only weed papered around the plants. Cutting out area directly around plants, the rest of garden I took a rake to. This worked GREAT, but, being the cheaper end of weed paper… Some stubborn weeds came thro. That was easier to pick, than a whole bunch of weeds. Next year I will try heavy duty, maybe even landscaping plastic (Tho, I fear what may seep into the soil from heat???) Top left photo is green beans. I slit into weed paper, held slits open with stakes. This worked WONDERS. Did same for peas.

Crates for herbs. These grew GREAT! Best thing is, you can move them anywhere, EVEN bolt on top of your garden fence post, to save space. I weed papered around inside walls. Filled with dirt. They boomed quickly and lasted even into the beginning of snow, and some. I’m not sure if it’s the air flow? Or what?

-Bottom Left. Now this is tricky. Kids are kinda hard to grow. Plenty of water and food… Kidding. Behind my kiddo with green shirt is a compost bin in the ground. With holes drilled into it, for worms and water seep. I had this in slight hill in center of garden box, dirt sloping down to plants. I fill this with my chicken manure. Cover with little dirt. If it rains, the water will fill bin and seep out holes. Also, worms can come in and help compost it. Not sure on this. But, my tomatoes did GREAT! Except late blight, which is my fault for not having high trellises- Lesson learned, 2014 trials begin. More learning.

-Snow Poles and chicken fencing. Cucumbers can grow up them. I thought about doing arches and growing something, shade loving, in center of rows. But, that’s still in deciding…

-Not greatly pictured. But, used my art skills to draw it out. You’re welcome. Pea Trellis. Worked great. We have split rail fence around outside of garden. We stapled chicken wire down it. Put in one row, a few feet out and running along split fence, of bamboo poles. Tall ones. We stuck the poles into chicken wire holes, we staples wire to fence, or tied. We then tied bamboo tops together, making a row of arches. We planted along the wires. You can plant part shade plants under each arch!!!

-Not pictured. In between each tomato plant is a buried 2ft PVC pipe, with holes drilled up and down it. Wrapped in weed paper, using zipties. Bottom covered, but one hole. I covered this with a cap or rock when not in use. I would water this, every so often for root watering. This worked great to manage late blight. Root watering vs. plants getting wet and spreading blight! Easy to remove and clean.

-My circle rock garden. These were new plants and I don’t have picture of later, but, it filled in beautifully! Our Hydrangea grew wonderfully with pink, purple, and blue! Piled up a circle of rocks, filled with dirt. Dug trench, laid weed paper into it, filled with river rocks. Now, can’t wait til spring, because I filled in that whole line with perennials.

-In back left of garden, I have 2 zucchini plants. I used upside down tomato cage to help circulate air. STAKE DOWN! If you’re anything like me and don’t pick frequent enough they will get HUGE and knock cage over. Lesson learned.

I will be posting more of our new ideas to come. Testing of things. Multi-uses for areas, my routine for my garden, etc.
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