UpDo those old tables, that your kids ruined!


Wall Stickers from Menards. Primer. Black Paint. Clear Coat. Remove stickers. Mine came off easily, some areas needed a nudge of help with razor blade. That’s it. Looks great with floors. Same wood (Well table was fake laminate stuff). Looks great. Photo is of still wet clear coat stuff, hence bluish black with streaks. It’s beautiful, and crisp black now. We’ve only bought 2 sets of stickers. I reuse them, using Elmer’s Glue Stick, to restick them. I’ve been able to do SEVERAL projects with just the 2 sets.

Here we also did our light switches in our home! Adding layers to decorations. Beautifying unbeautiful things! And, yes, that picture has been sideways for some time now… I will get to modge podging it soon-ish.

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