EarAche Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved!


I want to share a success story of recent ear probs in my daughters, 3 and 6 years of age. Also, myself.
Lately, I’ve been finding Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) to be a useful tool. My chickens get it, and have never gotten worms or sick. My Parakeet was sick and foaming from the mouth while not eating. I added some in it’s water and food. Within a day, there was a HUGE turn around. Also, boosts my energy. Among other things…
My darling 6yr old started badly crying of an earache. Knowing she loves to get ear infections, and get them bad, we thought, “Uh Oh! Docs here we come!“. But, first I wanted to try something. I’ve read mixed reviews about placing ACV into the ear. There were great turnouts with mixing ACV with water. In which some said, “NO! Putting fluid into the ear will push it back, or cause it to worsen“. Making up my mind, I mixed this with my momma’s old trick…

I place two socks (1stuck into the other) around rim of cup (For easy pouring of salt). I heat salt in a skillet til it smokes, or is hot (Careful it can pop at ya). I give salt a second, and pour into socks. Tie end. If hot, place into another sock (I like those soft knitted ones), or wrap in a rag. BE CAREFUL IT’S NOT TOO HOT! Keep checking it. It can get hotter as it sits.
I laid her down with bad ear facing up. I took a baby medicine syringe, placed about .625mL of straight up (Not diluted) ORGANIC BRAGGS Apple Cider Vinegar into the ear, I massaged around the outside by cheek bone and ear for about 10 seconds. I then had her sit up for about a minute. Then, I had her lay on her side, bad ear facing down, directly onto the heated salt sock. Throughout the day I reheated her salt sock to lay on it. I only did ACV (Followed with heated sock) with eldest’s ear twice, early & later that day.
Next day, there was tons of gunk in outer ear, and NOT another complaint of pain. It just disappeared! My youngest, 3yr old, then started to complain. I did the same thing, ACV only once (With heated sock). Next day, gunk. No complaints! No pumping of unneeded antibiotics… This time!
UPDATE: I have used this on myself, my son, and my daughters both complained about their opposite ear. Again, 1 day. Only one treatment of ACV this time around. And, a heated sock throughout the day. It worked!
Note: I’m not in any way a doctor. I’m just a mother sharing my experience with this. Every child is different, reacts different. You should always consult a doctor, and use your motherly/fatherly instincts.

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21 responses to “EarAche Gone in a DAY! 2 Kids Tested, Mom Approved!

  1. Great to read about you success with apple cider vinegar, will reblog this post on to our site 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on The Apple Cider Vinegar Hub | ACV for Health | ACV Blog and commented:
    Ear ache cured with ACV!

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  4. I am trying this on my son now! He is 2 and this is his 3rd ear infection. I hate using antibiotics and they never seem to work on his ear infections anyway. I’ll update the end results.

    • Yes, please keep us posted! I realize everyone’s different. But, it has worked great, thus far! Just did this technique, the other day, on our youngest. Once she complained, I started the process. And, haven’t heard anything about it since. Hopefully, this works for your family and your son feels better soon. Ear problems are the worst. Poor kiddo.

  5. Hi,
    I was wondering a different way of measuring my kids are bigger and I don’t have a .625 ml syringe handy. How else could I measure? I have a dropper and the bigger ml syringes. I would like to try this but I’m not sure hoe much I should use.

    • It equals, about, 1/8tsp. Don’t forget to do this in combination with the heated Salt Sock. Also, I’ve only used Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Not sure how others will work.
      Thus far, it has worked for us. I hope this works out for your kiddos, too. And, gives them some quick comfort!

  6. Hello ~ I am excited to try this. My daughter gets ear aches frequently and I started using Bragg’s ACV for other things around the house. Question on this salt sock. Does it have to be a certain kind of salt? I keep reading sea salt?? Thanks a bunch!

    • Regular Table Salt works. As does Sea Salt. Just heat it on up in a pan, allow to set a second. I wrap a sock, inside another sock, around a cup (For easy pouring), and pour it on in. Be very careful, it can get more hot as it sits. The Salt stays hot for quite a while. This has still worked since all my updates. Salt Socks are also great for heating pads for necks, injuries, etc. I sure hope this helps for your lil lady!

  7. Hi! I am a huge fan of this ACV and always looking for more ways to use it. My question is, was the purpose for sitting up is to allow the ACV to drain out before applying the salt sock. Also how do you reheat the salt sock? This is for me to try on myself. Thanks!!!!

    • I say that, because it’s just what we’ve done. So, I posted exactly how we did it, in case it matters. It does feel as though it drains from the ear once you sit up. To reheat the sock, you can pour out salt and redo. Or, I’ve heard just setting the entire sock in the skillet and heating it that way. I have not done it this way, and not sure on it burning the sock. So, that would be up to you, and I would monitor it, as well. Please note, that salt can get Hotter as it sits, right after heating. So, be careful. I hope this helps you and works out. A long time ago, I researched ACV and, since then, have had a bottle in our house AT ALL TIMES! It does WONDERS for many things.

  8. Does the salt contribute to the process or would a rice or wheat heating pad work? Is it just for the heat?

  9. how much salt do I use to make a salt sock?

  10. I know I’m years late but I am trying this on my son! I don’t like giving him unnecessary medication when natural remedies can work even better! Can’t wait to give this a try! Thanks for sharing! 💕

    • Let me know how it works for your family. We still use this. Daughter complained of ear ache just recently. Did this twice and she hasn’t said anything since (Which I actually forgot about… ).

  11. Just found this site! My daughter had the flu and seemingly got over it when her fever came back a few days later. My friend warned me she might have a secondary issue and she was right! My daughter complained of an ear ache last night and I am trying your remedy this morning. I hope it works for her as I am not a fan of antibiotics unless I have to. I’ll keep you posted! Thanks for being brave and trying new things!

  12. I’m trying this now! Have had an earache for months and it seems to be connected to a cold I’ve had for months. Hoping this works! I can feel the ear draining right now, 10 minutes in!

  13. Hi
    My daughter has been fighting ear infections since she was Aron 10 months she had ear tubes placed on both ears and currently she just recovered from a cold.. would any of you mommies recommend this on her ? I am just so get up with antibiotics on her ! Please any advice she is now 14 months old and currently has drainage again

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