EASY CHEAP Canvas Art – Faux Style!

I needed large artwork for my bedroom… On the cheap. Canvas Artwork this size can run $40+, easy. I needed to lighten the room with light colors. But, tie in the Wall Color.
Pillow Cases, cut open.
Cheap lightweight wood made into frame.
Staple pillowcase around frame, snug.
I painted with Kilz Primer (What I had on hand). Allowed to dry.
I used my art skills… First, tested on paper to get style I’d like. Used a pencil to draw in branches (Branches I just drew lines, paint brush was thick enough to go over to make into branches.). Then, leaves. YES, I have 3 different shapes. But, to be fair, I have a tree in the backyard that must have had a few trees twine into one… One branch has 3 different shape leaves on… So, I’m not all that off!

I love making my own art… Even if I’m not the greatest artist. I can tie it in, therefore making ANY room ANY colors I want. Just tie in all the colors with artwork and accessories.

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