BEST CAKE from a Box! Easy!!!


Super Easy! Super Tasty! Preheat oven, according to cake box instructions.
– Take your favorite Chocolate Boxed Cake (Mix accordingly, but REPLACE water/milk with Chocolate Milk!).
– Now, in a separate mixing bowl, do the same with your favorite Strawberry Boxed Cake (REPLACE water/milk with Strawberry Milk).
– Pour into pan in zig zags, alternating between the two, chocolate and strawberry. Bake according to directions. It’ll bake marble looking. I’ve even tried Neapolitan Type and in a pinch using a White Cake Batter Box using my Vanilla Coffee Creamer with it (Liquid kind).
SIMPLE! Chocolate Milk with Chocolate Batter. Strawberry Milk with Strawberry Batter.

*We’ve even done Lemonade with Lemon Box… Endless Options. Amping up the traditional boxed cake… Making you look like a Professional Baker! 

One response to “BEST CAKE from a Box! Easy!!!

  1. Mom, you are the best cook ever!

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